FM Portfolio

FM Portfolio is a highly customizable, institutional-grade dashboard that tracks aggregated portfolio and loan-level data, and provides detailed analytics enabling users to monitor their portfolios across multiple online lending platforms.

Developed in partnership with one of the world’s largest asset managers, FM Portfolio is a customizable data platform that tracks and reports the performance of individual loans originated by online lending platforms. It offers a robust analytical framework for institutional investors purchasing loans from multiple platforms.

  • Standardized data publishing Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Aggregation and normalization of structured and unstructured data to visualize and perform critical analytics
  • View of all assets in aggregate across portfolios and alternative finance platforms
  • Monitor status of portfolios and analyze loan types including performing/non performing loans by asset class and loan performance by platform
  • Seamlessly create collateral reports across portfolios for liquidity providers
  • Identifies and aggregates specific information about the loans included in a selected portfolio
  • Allows users to track compliance to fund covenants and performance criteria
  • Enables users to perform proprietary analytics on portfolios to examine loss-adjusted cash flow projections