FM Gateway

  • FM Gateway is a centralized technology platform that facilitates the submission of online loan requests and the delivery of competitive, pre-qualified loan offers from multiple lenders via a seamless online interface.
  • FM Gateway’s dynamic infrastructure allows banks, retailers, member associations and others to provide financing solutions to their online customers across multiple loan products, including consumer, small business, student and single-family mortgage loans. The FM Gateway platform matches prospective borrowers with selected online lenders quickly and efficiently. Customers receive competitive loan offers in a matter of seconds.
  • FM Gateway includes a white-label website with customizable “look and feel.” All customer data is transmitted safely and securely in accordance with industry standard security protocols.
  • See FM Gateway in action, check your rates now at Lendvious.

Detailed Reporting and User Tracking

FM Gateway’s sophisticated reporting platform allows users to track the status of individual loan inquiries across multiple lending partners. Monitor and evaluate conversion rates and numerous other metrics.

FM Gateway Features

Seamless connectivity from borrowers to lenders

  • Links our partners' customers to a network of online lenders
  • Designed to support all loan types, including unsecured consumer, small business and auto

Integrate once and partner with many

  • Removes technology integration hurdles
  • Drives relationships with chosen partners
  • Facilitates growth and expansion

Generates new opportunities for banks, retailers, member associations and others

  • Allows partners to provide access to loan products allowing them to maximize revenue from their existing customer base
  • Helps improve and retain customer/member relationships

FM Gateway offers benefits to all market participants

Borrowers – Increases access to credit and saves time by providing competitive loan options from top providers

Banks, Retailers, Associations – Connects to a broad range of third-party loan products and monetizes loan turndowns or creates new revenue opportunities

Alternative Finance Platforms – Increases origination volume by accelerating awareness and providing a tighter integration with referring partners