DigitalLEND Features & Benefits

FinMkt is proud to partner with two leading financial technology companies, Akouba and eOriginal, to offer DigitalLEND, an integrated suite of online lending tools for traditional and online lenders that wish to source and fund loans online.

Together with our partners, we have created a joint solution to eliminate common barriers for banks and alternative lenders and to accelerate online loan programs for those new to direct-to-consumer lending. When moving online, lenders face challenges such as updating or replacing existing systems, acquiring new customers and establishing deal flow. DigitalLEND solves these problems and enables banks and alternative lenders to move online quickly, accelerate loan processes and grow portfolio and revenue opportunities.

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Cost of Borrower Acquisition

Reduces the cost of borrower acquisition while providing borrower deal flow

Time to Market

Decreases the cost and time-to-deployment of technology with a turnkey cloud solution


Mitigates the risk of borrower “stacking”


Reduces the risk of regulatory compliance issues


Provides loan-level data to investors for asset pools