Retailers and Service Providers

Increase Sales with FinMkt’s Innovative Solutions

By utilizing FM Gateway, retailers and merchants can increase sales by offering financing options to their customers. FM Gateway supports both in-store and e-commerce loan inquiries from borrowers and can greatly increase access to financing required to purchase goods or services. For merchants that seek a direct point-of-sale solution, we offer a POS financing platform as well as our direct-to-borrower platform. Our goal is to ensure that customers obtain access to financing they may need to complete their purchases.


Integrating multiple lenders and protocols can be prohibitively costly and time consuming. By delivering multiple lenders with a single, turnkey integration, FinMkt removes integration barriers and reduces the time and cost involved in integration.


Offering financing through third party lenders allows retailers and service providers to focus on what they do best – provide goods and services to customers. With FinMkt’s technology, integration is a breeze, and managing credit risk and collections is avoided.


Retailers and merchants serve a diverse array of customers with varying credit scores which can’t be accommodated by a single lender. FinMkt has partnered with more than 30 of the best online lenders to underwrite customers and improve approval rates. Higher loan approvals increase sales.


Utilizing FinMkt’s platform can improve cash flow by reducing outstanding customer receivables without sacrificing sales. This cash can be utilized to grow the business rather than finance customers.