Real-Time Access to Financing Through FinMkt’s Platform

Digital finance companies use FinMkt’s solutions to broaden access to an array of lenders and to incorporate a real-time, competitive offering platform for their customers. FinMkt’s FM Gateway platform has been integrated into more than 15 consumer lenders covering prime, near-prime and subprime borrowers. Involving various lenders appeals to customers, and conversion rates can be much higher than with just one type of lender. Leverage FinMkt’s technology with your customer relationships to create incremental revenue.

New Form of Customer Monetization

Leveraging FinMkt’s offerings presents another way for companies to add value to their customers and employees.

Single integration

Integrating multiple lenders and protocols can be prohibitively costly and time consuming. By delivering multiple lenders with a single integration, FinMkt removes barriers and reduces the up-front cost to participate in the online lending ecosystem.

Access to Multiple Loan Products

FinMkt’s platform provides access to multiple products including consumer, student, small business and auto loans. Lenders that offer multiple products can use FinMkt’s platform to as a single solution for various forms of turndowns. Our technology can also be used to offer non-loan financial products.