Offer Access to Financing to Employees and Customers

Corporate users can leverage FinMkt’s solutions to enhance benefits programs by offering financial products including consumer and student loans to their employees. For large corporations, our lending partners offer incentives or discounts to employees through corporate marketplace or benefits programs. Corporations can have confidence in recommending FinMkt’s solution to employees, given the transparency and competitive nature of product offerings accessible through our platform. Corporate users may also recommend FM Gateway to small suppliers who may be seeking small business financing to allow them to deliver goods or services.

Single integration

Integrating multiple lenders and protocols can be prohibitively costly and time consuming. By delivering multiple lenders with a single integration, FinMkt removes barriers and reduces the up-front cost to participate in the online lending ecosystem.

Access to Multiple Loan Products

FinMkt’s platform provides access to multiple products including consumer, student, small business and auto loans. Our technology can also be used to offer non-loan financial products.

Small business financing

Corporations may leverage FinMkt’s platforms to offer preferred financing alternatives to their suppliers and partners. Small businesses save time by applying once for loans and gaining access to multiple lenders that compete for their business. Leveraging FinMkt’s offerings presents another way for companies to add value to their customers and employees.