Source Loan Flow & Better Serve Customers

Consumers are increasingly searching for loans and seeking other banking services online. FM Gateway provides banks another tier of lending services, thereby growing their potential customer base and helping to retain and improve existing customer relationships. The DigitalLEND platform offers a comprehensive solution that allows banks to engage prospective borrowers and to underwrite, catalog and service loans online through a single integrated platform.

New Channel for Sourcing Customers

FinMkt processes loan inquiries for thousands of prospective customers each month and can provide a dependable source of prospective borrowers. FM Gateway offers lenders the ability to select exactly what types of borrower inquiries they wish to receive and how to engage prospective borrowers.

Single integration

Integrating multiple lenders and protocols can be prohibitively costly and time consuming. By delivering multiple lenders with a single integration, FinMkt removes barriers and reduces the up-front cost to participate in the online lending ecosystem.

Streamlined Compliance

FinMkt has designed a user process that has been approved by numerous online lenders and banks. Changes to future regulatory requirements or compliance can be efficiently and quickly deployed through FinMkt’s platform.

Connect a Customer

Lenders can now help a customer find financing if their loan application is not approved. FinMkt’s real-time lender referral platform allows lenders to connect customers to a lender network with a click of a button. Our online lenders do not compete with banks and credit unions for customer deposits but may offer loans that satisfy customers’ needs.