Alternative Finance

Drive Loan Volume and Reduce Cost of Customer Acquisition

Alternative finance companies are leading users of FinMkt’s technology. Online lenders leverage FM Gateway's loan sourcing capability to source borrowers and reduce customer acquisition costs. Leading online lenders are also licensing Gateway to offer a cost-effective, multi-lender solution for their affiliate and distribution networks. FinMkt’s FM Marketplace solution offers online lenders and service providers the ability to create customized matching and loan inquiry technology to offer financial products for niche applications. Finally, our data product can help inform alternative lenders about the competitive market for loans and related offering terms, thereby helping them to assess their competitive position in the market.


Integrating multiple lenders and protocols can be prohibitively costly and time consuming. By delivering multiple lenders with a single integration, FinMkt removes barriers and reduces the up-front cost to participate in the online lending ecosystem.


FinMkt’s platform provides access to multiple products including consumer, student, small business and auto loans. Lenders that offer multiple products can use FinMkt’s platform as a single solution for various forms of turndowns. Our technology can also be used to offer non-loan financial products.


FinMkt’s turndown referral platform is quickly setting the standard for the industry and allowing finance companies to monetize loan turndowns. Lenders are able to offset some of the cost of customer acquisition by using FinMkt’s turndown monetization platform. This platform can efficiently refer borrower turndowns to a network of trusted lending partners.